I need my privacy!

What is with these easy-to-fix;easy-to-reassemble restroom arrangements? I think using these flexible walls in cubicles in our work place is a great idea but no, not in rest-rooms! That’s once place I’d like to just hear myself. As ridiculous as that sounds, here is what I mean. I used to work with an organization which had these really swanky restrooms. Colorful I mean, I still remember the fresh sea blue and apple green tiles which looked amazing, wonder who the interior designer was. But no, what I’m stressing on is that, the restrooms there had actual walls. Covered from top to bottom on all sides. The door had a gap at the bottom which I thought was OK.

(Courtesy: http://www.travelpod.com/hotel/London_Marriott_Hotel_Park_Lane-London.html)

Once I joined my new organization I was in for a shock. Cubicle type restrooms to house closets!! And damn those shiny floors in the rest rooms, one can actually see the person sitting next door!! Let me explain in details, these cubicles look like a room but they are open on the top, open about half a feet below and the walls on the sides are also short by half a feet.

(Courtesy: http://marcquswright.com/publicrestrooms/)

I get into this new age rest room and pull down a plastic projection to prevent the door bring opened from outside (doesn’t really have a fail proof latch..I still am investigating if the latch would fail in any way). I enter and i understand (with the sounds) that I have company on my left and right. First there are these annoying noises that some women make in the rest rooms. Some just breathe hard or maybe they are doing breathing exercises whilst attending to nature’s call. Some others talk on their phone all the while or wait, maybe they forgot why they got in there in the first place!!!..I mean, the person talking can definitely hear you or the sound of water while you flush. !!!!####…Are you crazy!!!???..

Some others make disgusting noises. Makes me wonder why there are no “NO FART ZONE” notes on the rest room walls.

I don’t use those rest rooms anymore, I walk down to the 5th floor rest rooms in my building where I find more privacy (they house the old time rest rooms). I can sing, stretch, do some MJ moves whenever I feel like in here..without bothering about the person next door peeking into my private house!

How my guitar stole my heart now after wooing me for over 2 years..

I am a “close-to” 3 year old guitar player and how I wish I started earlier!..I joined guitar classes out of curiosity, later it developed into a habit (to go for classes every Saturday..). My tutor was located in a very small hideout kind-of place near my locality. Finding this place was one hectic task. But eventually I did..And I’m glad I did. My tutor was different. He didn’t have any syllabus that I had to follow. He taught me to play with all my heart. He did it for sure…No wonder he played so soulfully! But somehow I didn’t get what he was trying to say. I couldn’t really connect. Of course, there were initial thrills of understanding musical notes and playing them. But that was it. My interest was deteriorating. I had got myself a job outside my city and I one day I had to quit my classes. When I broke the news out to my tutor, he was disappointed. He so wanted to see me play the instrument with all my heart but I had to go.I had taken copies of a book he gave me along with me and an advice from him. “Don’t stop playing.Ever. And carry your instrument with you”. Umm..now that would be difficult. I didn’t have a dreadnought guitar but a classical size guitar was  big too, you know. She was a Gb&a Jaguar P100 guitar. I didn’t want to but just because he told me to, I carried it along in my flight. Once I joined my new job, I practiced for a few days for weeks and slowly the guitar started boring me (OMG…can’t believe I just said that!!). She was just lying there in the corner of my room. After a year i went back to my place with my guitar. Looking at my guitar just lying there disturbed me. I felt that the guitar would have done justice in the hands of a musician and now I’ve wasted her life!..I was determined to give her her life back. I put the guitar bag on my shoulders and walked up to find my old guitar class. They had closed down. 😦

I didn’t give up. I Google-ed guitar institutes and music schools in and around my area. I found some and called some.But I visited one. It was a music school (a small one). I thought I’ll give it a shot. I enrolled for classes again. And now after close of 3 years of studying in that institute, my jaguar had stolen my heart. I feel when I play. It lifts my soul while I play. It gives me immense happiness to strum her. I pick her up and strum her when I’m depressed and she cheers me up.. But when I’m angry and pissed and I pick her up to play, I almost never get my chords or songs right. It’s like she telling me to calm down and come back to play her.

Now she stands proud in her new Thomson guitar stand and I have a cleaning brush and a soft cloth to clean her up every time I see a tiny bit of dust on her. I clean my strings every time I use the guitar and here’s the thing- I play every night. I strum softly. I play lead song- my favorite romantic songs and what follows is a face with a bug smile and a lovely & peaceful sleep. I still go to learn music I still learn new things and I’m seriously thinking about doing an online course in Berk lee and yes, I have fallen in love with my Jaguar who wooed me for years….:-* Love you Jaguar…Hugs and kisses

Being single, too bad?

Is being single too bad? I’m still single and not in even in a relationship but that only makes me a weirdo ‘cos everyone around has their “one” already. My roots are Indian and my family still believes in arranged marriages. That’s when parents choose someone with whom you spend your entire life and get to know him with every single day after – the wedding. I am the dreamy kind. I always dreamt of my prince charming. The charming guy who appears out of nowhere, sweeps me off my feet and finally proposes to marry me. But of late, I’m starting to wonder if love really exists. If my “prince charming ” is really going to appear out of nowhere and sweep me off my feet. Do guys still do that?? Does true love still exist? I wish it did…


Today I noticed my colleague at work talk to her spouse. (I didn’t eavesdrop…I just noticed her..). She calls him everyday the minute she enters the workplace, around lunch-time to check if he had lunched and in the evening to tell him that she’ll be home early.. The kind of excitement and shy smile she has on her face everytime she talks on the phone makes me smile too.How sweet! But that brings me into thinking if this happens only with newly weds. I would want to live with a guy who would make me feel this way every single day. …Possible?Ain’t it?


The other day, my friend and I were chatting over coffee and that’s when she told me how much she misses her husband of 15 years.(He works in the middle east and she , with me in India). It was a simple, silly thing to remember but she mentioned this – “I miss having him come over to our common spot to pick me up from work every evening. I would just have to relax in my car while he zooms past all of them and takes me home in a jiffy”. I smiled.


I was watching a video of a traditional Indian wedding last weekend. What I remember so vividly is the surprise peck that the groom planted on the bride’ forehead once they were pronounced husband and wife. I could see her blush.Nice moment..


Recently one of my closest friends got married and life is starting to look different now. I suddenly feel the vacuum that that friend has created..But that’s not the only thing that is going to convince me to walk down that aisle yet…

That thing that holds me back from getting hitched…I wish it never turned out that way..

Children!!!…What happened to the innocence?

There used to be a time children had that streak of innocence in them. The innocence that every one admired. But these days I wonder what is happening to children.They are in too much of a hurry to grow up! There are lots of children I meet every week and  I learn a lot from some while others have just shocked me!

The other day I went to this hobby class where I learn stuff with other adults but a lot of kids too!I love that the class doesn’t differentiate between adults and children. In-fact, me being a person who loves kids..I just have the most fun just watching them be. While I was busy finding myself a seat, I heard someone scream out my name from the other side of the room….”Pry….Pry….!!!”. It was Rishi. My 10 year old guy-friend. He saved me a seat and was waving for me to join him. (With such an innocent face and cute smile , I couldn’t reject that offer…!). As I went and sat next to him, he started telling me his kiddo stories about last week’s class excitedly.While I listened with patience and a smile on my face (maybe that’s why kids are so attracted to me..I listen to anything kids say.Cos I just love ’em!). We had a new neighbor. A kid just about my guy-friend’s age. Trying to join in our conversation & well, he succeeded. Then as we chatted along whilst learning something new that day, the new kid suddenly asks me…”Do you know French?”. Well, I learnt  French years back but can’t remember a word. And adults know how to lie.So , I said..”Yes…”. Then he asks, “Do you know the “F” word in French??”… I was stunned for a second. What did he just ask me??

That was followed by him educating me on the word in French .. :-O

Cramped up – 6th Jan 2012

What is with people these days? What happened to manners and personal space? Have people forgotten about it already?? I hate taking the elevator to get to my cafeteria these days. No, the food is good. That’s not the problem. It’s the elevator experience that has scared me!

Everybody I’m sure has his/her own elevator experience. Some good and most of them bad. (Let’s talk about the gooood ones later on…) At least for me, it has been that way. So the elevator clearly states (Hey ..!there is a note written inside it…!) that it cannot accommodate more than 18 people in it. I mean, that’s for people who want to be standing straight on their way down and not have people feeling them on all sides while on their way up or down.

I get into the elevator the other day from the 6th floor. Hunger pangs were setting in real bad and I had to feed myself something in the next five minutes or else my tummy would have exploded!..Tingggg….the elevator stops at my floor. About three people in it already. I get in and we are on our way down. Tinggg…it stops in the third floor and a whole bunch of people flock in. About 20 or maybe even more. Some people have this feeling that the elevator is infinitely long and if you push yourself back, people have all their space in the world to keep moving backwards. Some guys just don’t realize that even if you travel in a common elevator, people need space around them and will have to breathe! They push, touch, lean on you, you feel the hair of the lady in front of you on your face..Ewww….

And what is with these men?They have their own sweet odour! Believe me,The experience of having to take the elevator with 10 women compared to 10 men is like two ends of a straight line. With the cigarette ban taking effect recently, our fellow male colleagues have to walk outside the campus to have a smoke, but you know what?Makes no difference. Cos for the next half-an-hour after smoking they have this cloud of smoke around them and their breath stinks! Imagine travelling with 10 such men in an elevator!They could send you right into the coffin while you passively smoke their favorite brands.


Then there are these times you are in a hurry to get back home and you frantically press the button for the elevator a zillion times. It almost always happens with me. I always want to leave work early to escape from getting stuck in traffic and to have a smooth drive home but it never happens. I pick up my bag and run towards the elevator at the nth minute and I end up pressing the button a gazillion times!..Like the lift was going to listen..it goes from 12th floor….9th floor and when you’re smiling in excitement that your floor is next…it zips past the 6th floor and goes straight to the ground floor!

Hey……….!!!!Not fair…!!!